Give today to help our residents get their program needs image

Give today to help our residents get their program needs

Help with our utility and housing costs

$35,166 raised

$60,000 goal

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Give today to help us meet our residents' needs

The Grace Period strives to move adults and families who cannot currently afford stable housing into self-sufficiency by providing transitional housing and a multi-series focus of achievement. We provide a comprehensive, faith-based program that focuses on personal growth, life management skills, and assistance with education and career goals.

Our vision is to work closely with families who are unsheltered to begin their progress into stable, safe, and affordable housing. By changing their environment and sense of security, we are changing their lives and assisting them in becoming thriving members of the community.

Our 12-week course for individuals & families helps them transition into permanent housing environments of their own. It is case specific, not everyone will have the same program- but they will all get the same commitment.

Our current programs are focused on:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Spiritual Development
  3. Community Living
  4. Mental/Emotional/Physical Development
  5. Relational Health
  6. Occupational Development
  7. Educational Development

We are asking our community to help us raise money to ensure our residents have the resources to succeed. In part, this campaign will help us move toward purchasing a house for use by the families in need. When The Grace Period owns the house, we are guaranteed the ability to independently provide services for the community. We are currently at the mercy of extended stay hotels and apartments. The economical climate is making it exceedingly difficult to continue paying these 3rd parties to be the roof over our clients’ heads.

Please join us in our mission to continue to help these families. Their success benefits not only them, but the entire community. Help us build hope – one dollar at a time.